African Clothing: How to Turn your African wears to Official Wears

Have you been wondering how to turn your African clothing into official wears?

You are very close to rocking it right, follow me on this journey as I show you exactly how to do that in this article.

One unique thing about African dresses is that the options to rock it are endless. African clothing is slowly and finally becoming wearable for any formal gathering. Who said you can put on African clothing only on Friday? Check out styles here http://www.lolasafricanapparel.com/

The fact is that you can turn African wears/fabric into whatever style you imagine with the help of a good seamstress popularly called “tailors”.

The prayer here is that you should not “enter one chance tailors” whose speciality is disappointing customers.

Our general belief is that being formal is all about corporate wears where we look serious and the fact that African clothing should be about outings like Weddings, Burial ceremonies and all that. Well, the good news is that you can turn and rock your African clothing/wears to Official wears.


I know of a popular industry where you must be 100% formally dressed. The code is that you must always look serious. Does that mean we can’t look serious with African clothing? Does that mean clients will not talk to you if you are wearing African Fabric? A lot of questions about why African clothing are not accepted in some Industries except on Fridays

Talking about how to rock African clothing to the office, do you know you can use Ankara print fabric to sow your formal attire? You can actually make smart office wears from Ankara fabrics or Adire like jackets, inner, trouser and even skirt.

Read more about African Auto Gele here Auto Gele: How Auto Gele can Change Your Owanbe Style

It all depends on how you style it according to your body size.

However, there are some things you must consider about your body size before rocking your African clothing to Office; style is nothing without a fit. All body types have pros and cons and even the so-called ‘perfect models’ fall into one. Knowing your body type is about dressing to look your best.


Do you know that some people are called ‘Fashion terrorist’ simply because they wear the wrong cloth for their body size? Your tailor will always disappoint you if you don’t pick a style that fits your body size? Do you think because you saw a style on a slim model will fit your body size? It doesn’t work that way. You should be able to pick a style from the same model with your body type. That way, you won’t have issues with your tailor so that you won’t be a victim of “what you ordered for VS what you get”. Figuring out your body shape can ultimately help you save time shopping, getting dressed and asking yourself and everyone else, “Does this look good?”


Body size to consider before wearing African clothing to Office: According to research, there are four different body sizes. You need to figure out your size and go with the style that fits your body size.


  1. Hourglass shape:

I know we all want and admire this body size. Any lady will do anything to have this body size even if its surgery. Do you also know that fashion will be boring if we have everybody looking the same as the body size? It makes it interesting to see different styles and body sizes all over the place.


People under this body size have the thin waistline, and both their upper and lower bodies are the same shape which is slightly bigger than the waist. People under this body size are not limited to any type of dress from jackets to gowns because the style will always come out nice.


2. Rectangle Shape:

The sporty look is a goal. The width is similar and their best assets are their arms and legs.

People under this body size are advised to wear a sweetheart neckline, pencil skirt with side-slit to show off your legs, scoop neck tops, long jackets, collars, ruffles, details to flatter your chest and feel free to experiment with cinched-waist skirts.


3. Triangle/Pear shape:

The hips are the asset of people under this body size. They are usually smaller at the upper frame and bigger at the hip-leg area of their bodies. In other words, the hips are wider than the shoulders and the hips and bottom are more rounded and the waist is thinner. It is best to emphasize your arms and waist to add a bit more volume to your upper torso.

People under this body size are advised to go for clothes like sweet heart necklines, tulip skirts, the hi-lo trend and even dresses that trim the hips, A-line skirts, boat neck tops, ruffles on top part of your dresses, pointed- toe shoes to elongate your legs will be a definite yes for you.


4.  Wedge/Inverted triangle shape:

They have broader and wider shoulders width narrow waist and hips. The best fashion choice is to accentuate and draw attention to the areas of your body you’d like to be seen.

People under this body size are advised to go for strapless dresses if you think your arms and shoulders are your best assets, wear bright colours at the bottom of your body, full/ flared skirts are advisable, boat neckline tops, experiment with high-waist styles etc.

From the description above, I think you should be able to differentiate your body size and go for your body size type of cloth. You can read more about body size selection here https://l.instagram.com/?u=http%3A%2F%2Fomoaduke.com%2Foptin%2F&e=ATNFT6JlkASA0eARhKJvprHhEAWJKBCqLo6p3qvDZfMpWqxjazxuGu2ZtVrLmDzrLbE7vz-h

So, let us go back to talking about wearing your African clothingto Office. Below are different pictures of how you can rock your African clothing to office:

You can imagine the look on your colleagues face when you come to the office looking dope like this. Are you telling me it is not corporate enough?


African Clothing MondayAfrican clothing

Let’s take  look at how you can rock like  a jacket. That is not a jean jacket for your information. It is a modernized Adire Jacket. You can wear this to cover any inner wear and still be corporate. Tell me why you can’t rock any of those jackets to work.

African clothingAfrican clothing

Let’s take a look at how you can rock it as a skirt. Do we still have issues with rocking African clothing to office?

African clothingAfrican clothing

Shall we take a look at corporate African gowns? After this picture, I won’t argue with you again..lol

African clothingAfrican clothing

At this juncture, I hope I have been able to convince and not confuse you that you can actually wear your African clothing to Office and still look corporate. It all depends on your tailor, your body size and your shoes and bags.








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