Your aso ebi tips for pregnant ladies is ready. Pregnant mums welcome to my blog. I surely have some aso ebi tips for you as you start your 9 months journey. Aso ebi tips that will allow you to slay to your owanbe party any day anytime. I will suggest you read more here https://www.onlinenigeria.com/site/stories/500398-best-ankara-styles-for-pregnant-women-to-rock-in-2018.html Pregnancy does not mean you should not slay to your owanbe with the baby bump hidden under a well-tailored Ankara gown or lace gown.


In addition to my last blog post Fashion Tips For Pregnant women: 

  1. HIGH HEELS: Please stay away from high heels. No matter how expert you are in wearing heels, stay away from 6 inches high heel during your pregnancy.
  2. FLAT SLIPPERS: Ditch flat slippers! Yes, they are comfy. Try to get out from your comfort zone. You don’t need to buy more slippers.
  3. WEDGE SHOES: Get a nicely heeled wedge sandal. Wedges are easy to carry even for amateurs.
  4. SANDALS: Sandals are sexy. Flat or wedge. They are just nice.
  5. MATERNITY GOWNS: Gowns are lifesavers. With/without frills, patterned/ plain, straight/flared, long, short/ calf length.
  6. HAIR: As for your hair, try something new. Anew colour or you can just tint your hair.
  7. CHIFFON TOPS: In buying tops, Select tops that have lacy or chiffon details. They are super feminine. Chiffon tops are nice and last forever
  8. POLO TOPS: You might want to invest in some girly polo tops. Go for girl colours like fuschia pink, teal, lilac, plum. They look good for matching with husby whenever you want to ‘twin’.
  9. JEANS JACKET: Jean jackets will always look fine on anything, gown, skirt, trouser, ankara.  Get the one that is fitted and will sit right even unbuttoned.
  10. PIECES OF JEWELRY:  go for nice gold hoops. Stand out without shouting. You can also use a chain with a pendant. A pendant that has a symbol like love, cross, butterfly, sun, name (you can twin with husby).



Back to aso ebi tips for pregnant ladies. I will give three types of Native wears for your aso ebi and how you can rock with a skirt or trouser.

ANKARA GOWN: There is aso ebi for the party right? Please, don’t go for mummy style.  Even if it is iro and buba, let it be stylish.  Going for a gown will be the perfect style for you. The type of gown will be determined by your baby bump but also remember that the baby bump will keep expanding till you give birth. If your baby bump is not showing yet, you can use a belt and slay in Ankara gown. Otherwise, a free gown is the answer. aso ebi tips for pregnant ladiesaso ebi tips for pregnant ladies aso ebi tips for pregnant ladies aso ebi tips for pregnant ladies


LACE GOWN: I admire lace gown for pregnant mothers. They changed my mind about how Lace is only good for body tight type of styles. Aso ebi styles made from lace are fashionable for Nigerian ladies during pregnancy.  If you want to rock lace gown for your aso ebi, make sure the top is in peplum type of style. This is to ensure that your baby bump is hidden.

aso ebi tips for pregnant ladies aso ebi tips for pregnant ladies aso ebi tips for pregnant ladies

ANKARA SHORT GOWN AND TROUSER: This is my favourite part of my aso ebi tips for pregnant ladies. You can go back to wear this after delivery. Like I said, get a good tailor for yourself. The Ankara top will cover your baby bump and the trouser will reveal your long legs. This is where you can rock your peplum top which is popular for all pregnant ladies. I will suggest you go for trousers with elastic. You can also rock this with a pencil skirt and a nice wedge.

aso ebi tips for pregnant ladies aso ebi tips for pregnant ladies   

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