Harmattan Season Tips

Harmattan Season tips to keep your skin in check during this ‘Harsh period’. We are in the “Ember Months” and already close to Harmattan season. The interesting part of the Harmattan period is that it is a “love and hate” period. Nigerians love this period and hate it as much. Harmattan comes with its advantages and disadvantages, especially to the skin. Did you miss my last blog post? Catch up here Nigerian Native Stylesharmattan season tips

Before stating harmattan season tips, read the Advantages of Harmattan Period:

  1. Malaria-free: The low temperature during this period is unfavourable for breeding of mosquitoes, thus reducing the incidence of malaria.
  2. Dry Clothes: This is why I love this period. It aids in drying up our clothes minutes after washing them, you will still be washing and most of the first set you washed are already dried out
  3. It aids Sleep: Harmattan period makes you sleep better because the cold comes out at night. It relaxes the body after a long day at work.
  4. Skin/Body Consciousness: Harmattan period makes you be conscious of your skin. You tend to take care of the skin more than you used to. This is really good.
  5. Odour Free Environment: During the harmattan period,  restrooms are always free from odours especially in areas where you find pit lavatories, public fast food joints restrooms, church restrooms etc. This is because everywhere is dry.

Despite all the points above, harmattan can be annoying. Below are the disadvantages of Harmattan period.

  1. Asthma: It is a bad period for those with allergies and other environmental related illness such as asthma, constant cough/sneezing, reddish/watery eyes, dryness of the throat and body (dehydration).
  2. Infections: According to doctors, there is a high risk of respiratory irritation when the weather is too cold and it becomes easy to catch these bacterial or viral infections that cause problems in the lungs, throat, nose or ear.
  3. Skin Problems: During harmattan, the air is cold and dry. You may experience dry skin and broken lips usually followed by a cough. You need to moisturise well during this period to avoid looking like a ‘white walker’.
  4. We all know how harmattan period can be, the harsh weather, dust, cold, hot sun, cracked lips and voice etc.
  5. Sickle Cell Patients: Harmattan also triggers sickle cell crises in affected individuals.

My harmattan skin tips will help you get prepared and ready as we match eagerly to the end of the year. There are some ‘must have’ during this period.  To avoid the white skin, dry skin, cold, blistered lips and all the health problems that come with harmattan period, you need to follow the state harmattan skin tips below:


  1. A Lip Balm

We call this lip gloss or wet lip. Talking about Harmattan season tips and not mentioning Lip Balm is a crime. The list is completed without a lip balm in your bag. The lip tends to tear when dry especially during harmattan which can be very painful. Your lip balm should be your best pal in this season. Even when you want a ‘no makeup look’ do not forget to apply a lip balm. Some people use Vaseline for lips, its good in as much as you are moisturizing the lips. You are good to go.

Harmattan season tips


  1. Trainers / boots/socks.

This is the best footwears this period, keeps your leg warm and free from dust. Also, make use of socks so that your legs won’t end up looking like you are coming from the farm. Trainers/boots can be rocked with almost any wear. Get at least a black one or grey, they go with any colour.  You can buy socks and gloves too.

Harmattan season tips


  1. Body cream /lotion

Wherever you wanna go, please,  do not forget to apply your lotion on your body after every bath. Protect your skin from dry harmattan by applying a lot of body cream and hand cream too. Vaseline should be your best option at this period. In applying it, You should focus more in your elbow, knuckles and legs.Harmattan season tips


  1. Long shirts/ sleeves

Shirts should be your friend during this period.  This is to cover your skin from any dust you might encounter on the road.  It is also good to protect you from the early morning cold of the season.

5. Water: What is harmattan season tips without water? You need more water to stay hydrated during this period. More water in your body system will help you to get rid of the ‘thirsty’ feelings that always come with harmattan period. Drink lots of water and stay away from soft drinks. Harmattan season tips

  6. Jacket

A jacket is one of the ‘must have’ for harmattan period. Harmattan season tips are not complete with this. Jacket keeps you warm and shields your body from the harshness of the sun during this period. Try to get one in preparation for the period.Harmattan season tips

7. Turtle Neck/Cotton Fabrics

Yes!  I love turtles necks, this is a very stylish wear to rock during this period . Get enough to wear during the holiday. Finally, buy more cotton wears. It is going to be dusty everywhere, the sun will be harsh and at the same time cold. You don’t want to wear a nylon or leather clothes because they will make you feel so uncomfortable. So get more cotton wears. You can buy socks and gloves too.


With all these harmattan season tips,  ‘ harmattan got nothing on you as we gradually move to its period. You can read more about harmattan season tips here https://www.pulse.ng/bi/lifestyle/5-helpful-tips-to-stay-safe-during-this-harmattan-season-id7716959.html



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