Have you ever wondered how the Tiv Culture came to be? Well, if you haven’t…trust me to bring the full African stories to you…

You see, Tiv had 2 children named Ipuzu and Ichongo, meaning, the uncirmcumsised and the circumsied one, an act which was introduced to them by an elephant hunter from a nearby village after the birth of his first child.
When the neigboring village knew about the circumsions, they started calling his offsprings tiv children as they didn’t buy into the circumsion story.
They cohabited a lot and lived side by side with other ethinic groups..the fulani. Along the line, they parted ways, they didn’t like the fact the fulani men were secretely marrying their girls

Have you ever seen a TIV man before? One peculiar feature is his body piercing. This was adopted as a symbol to differentiate them from other tribes.
One funny story that interests me till date is the kusa facial marks also known as kusa gbenren (scratch with a nail). This was done by cutting the face with a nail.
 These young men who mingled with nearby villagers copied it and introduced it to their friends. What they did was, sharpen a nail, cut a line on another boy’s cheeks and formed a beautiful design on the boy’s face.
This got so intriguing that all the boys in the village started paying a fee to get their faces done. As time went by, the women in the village started dating the men with the kusa marks and snubbed the older men with bigger marks called Abaji facial mark, this is further because, back in those days, the tiv women had stronger influence on the men..Lmao
Back in the days, facial marks were fancied to be sexy..I often wonder how the admiration vanished?
Would you have wished it continued? Afterall, its an African thing.
Do you seceretly thank the British who colonized us and brought a different view to tribal marks?
Share your opinion.

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