Madams segis on Nigerian accent

While searching for a creche for my baby, the first school I encountered had teachers speaking phonetics (teachers speaking through their nose in a bid to sound foreign)

The first thought that crossed my mind was like, WHAT’S UP?!?!?! (Kilo le to yen, shouldn’t be this deep 🤷♀️).
Trust me, that didn’t make a satisfactory impression for me; we left, with a promise to get back to them (which we never did), continued our search for a better School.

We finally found one; what impressed me was the excellence and value communicated. The headteacher spent hours talking about her goals towards the training of each child (godly character, sound leadership skills, ability to find ones’self etc) which I found fascinating. I was amused on our way out, when I saw the Nigerian Anthem proudly displayed on the wall and of course, in a local Nigerian language; It wowed me.

You would want to ask the essence of this story……..

As a brand that cares about  the African culture, I am of the idea that it’s important to find a way to train our kids in ways that consistently keep them very mindful of the African culture, heritage and pride. You never know when, how or where this gets relevant in life ( their lives or our lives, now or later, who knows what?).

After all, we celebrate a lot of our own for the uniqueness of their skills especially in promoting various aspects of the African or Nigerian culture. They spread across the borders like Asa, Lagbaja, Olamide, Wizkid, Teni and so many others in the music industry, Professor Wole Soyinka has authored lots of literatures whose contents are very African amongst so many other renowned authors; the ability to merge the yoruba language with English language skillfully has separated them from their contemporaries.

On a second thought, the question pops up “who foreign accent epp?”, of a truth we cannot over-emphasize its relevance to the international career growth of our On-Air-Personalities, it has created global acceptance for some.
So, is it sufficient to say education in Africa or Nigeria is insufficient without the content of the African culture, heritage and language on a par?
What’s your opinion?

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