Nigerian Native Styles

Nigerian native styles choice for your owanbe party can be confusing. This is because the styles are just too numerous with beautiful body figures to pick from. Most importantly, when it comes to the native wear there is no “Ideal” style only that it must not be ordinary although this depends on where you are going.  it is therefore left to you to choose whether you want to steal all the attention at your owanbe party.

Tips to consider before picking from any of the Nigerian native styles, you can read more about African wear here African Wears: Types, Designs and How to Rock them

  1. Your body size
  2. Your height
  3. Don’t pick a style because it sits well on a model
  4. The colour of your skin and the colour of the cloth
  5. The fabric

After observing the above points and a chat with your designer, you can now consider the different Nigerian native styles below:

 Gowns Nigerian Native Style:

Seriously, If you are a lady and you don’t have gowns in your wardrobe, you are wrong. Gowns are life saver. Especially Ankara gowns for your owanbe parties, it is another fantastic way to wear your Ankara or any Nigerian native style you have in mind to your owanbe. At a point, when you get tired of Skirt and blouse or Iro and buba, gown is the solution to your problem.

Nigerian Native stylesNigerian Native stylesNigerian Native styles

Off Shoulder Nigerian Native styles:

This style always reminds me of the popular Nigerian actress, Sola Sobowale. To be honest, that style is so nice on her. One unique thing about Off Shoulder Nigerian native style is that it makes you look mature. Talk to your designer about this style. There are some things to be considered in designing off shoulder style; like your shoulder, your neck and your burst. You can never go wrong with this style.

Nigerian Native stylesNigerian Native stylesNigerian Native styles

Skirt and Blouse Nigerian Native Styles:

Skirt and blouse are perfect and classical. It is also one of the old styles we have in Nigeria Native styles. Gone are the days of the ones our mothers used to wear. If you want a well-styled skirt and blouse, talk to your designer. A good tailor will do justice to a style for you. Therefore, for your perfect and classical Ankara styles that will make other guests to show respect for your presence, skirt and blouse will give you that.

Nigerian Native stylesNigerian Native styles

Nigerian Native styles

Iro and Buba Nigerian Native styles:

The oldest form of Nigerian native style. Iro and Buba has been modernized with the blouse.  The fact is that Iro and Buba can never go into extinction. Brides are now rocking the new iro and buba. Most importantly the buba. Designers always come up with a different stylish top for the iro. The modern fashion has taken the ‘old’ form of buba away. You can’t go wrong with this style too.

Nigerian Native stylesNigerian Native stylesNigerian Native stylesNigerian Native styles

Jumpsuit Nigerian Native Styles:

Everybody thought jumpsuit will fade away just like the other styles. Jumpsuit has proved us wrong, seems this style is not going anywhere. Jumpsuit style was welcomed to native wears. Have you seen Ankara or lace Jumpsuit? You are permitted to change your owanbe slay with this style. Your Auto gele, your accessories and your make up will make this style well defined.

Nigerian Native stylesNigerian Native styles Nigerian Native stylesNigerian Native styles

You can check more pictures here https://www.naija.ng/1115456-fashion-nigerian-traditional-styles-latest-tendencies-2018.html

Note: Pictures from Barlincouture

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