Traditional wedding attires for Intending couples

Picking traditional wedding attires can be confusing.  So, your big day is coming and you are wondering what will happen? You are stressed over what you will wear for your big day. Acne is taking over your face because of the stress.

Why are you stressing over your traditional wedding attires?

You are considering different traditional wedding attires, you are tired of seeing different suggestions on social media, you have been on bellanaijaonline and yet you want more. You don’t seem to understand how to match the different colours of traditional wedding attires with you. In addition to the tips you are about to read here, you can read more here http://www.zumi.ng/weddings/traditional-wedding-attires-fabrics-styles-material-types-brides/

The traditional wedding is the most important aspect of your big day and you don’t want it to flop. Well, it must not flop because all eyes will be on you that day. The traditional wedding attires of the bride and groom always attract the attention of the guests on your wedding day. Just calm down and don’t let stress be written over your face. Since you are reading this in preparation for your big day, congratulations to you.


I will be giving you tips on traditional wedding attire. It will be based on what to wear, how to wear and the colour to pick for your traditional wedding. The first thing is picking a colour for you and your husband.

Traditional wedding Attires: HOW TO PICK COLOUR

Colour should be the first thing when you are thinking of picking for your traditional wedding. How do you pick a colour? You should consider your skin tone and that of your husband to be. Choose something suitable for you and for him. After considering him, note that it’s your day. Pick the colour that will make you stand out and bring out your beauty. You know the colour people admire on you? That’s the colour. Pick it. Just be sure it will look good on your husband’s skin tone.


Additionally, What is your wedding theme? Consider your wedding theme when picking your colour. They should both align. Read more about wedding theme here. You can actually tell a story with your wedding theme. Spice it up. It should not be like the normal weddings you see everywhere.

Most importantly, don’t make a mistake of picking a trending colour. You think because your friend used it, you can use it? No, it does not work that way. The colour might not even look good on you. You can actually consult a specialist if you are not getting to any conclusion after thinking so long.

How can we talk about picking a colour and not talk about Nigerian’s favourite celebrity couple? Awww, the internet went gaga during their wedding. This colour actually looks good on both of them. Maybe because they are both fair though..lol

Traditional wedding attiresTraditional wedding attires

Traditional wedding Attires Colour Combination

The next thing is how to mix two or more colours together to make perfect sense to you and your guests. I will suggest trending 2018 colours for you

White: Brides have been rocking all whites recently

Royal Blue & Red

Peach & Gold

Turquoise Blue


Royal blue& yellow

Peach & Cream

Green& Silver

Blue looks great in combination with orange or any other warm shade (red, yellow)

What type of Fabrics do you want?

So, you have your colour after a long deliberation. Can we now talk about the fabric? Which of the trending fabric are you going for? Aso-oke or Lace? Will the fabric also be gentle on your husband’s body? Will it be comfortable for both of you? This is a decision both of you must make.

Traditional wedding attire Styles

We should stop talking about your husband and talk about you. It’s your day girl. I guess you want to look like KIM K or even better. Which style do you want to go for? Iro and Buba or Skirt and blouse? Brides are now ditching iro and buba for the latest styles in town. Don’t forget to pick the one for your body size.

See some latest brides styles below:Traditional wedding attireTraditional wedding attires


Your accessories

Since we are talking about your traditional wedding we also need to talk about the accessories that will go with it. Your headgear popularly called gele should definitely be the trending Auto gele with stones on it. You will not want to be battling with tying gele on your day. Auto gele has made that easy Know more about auto gele here: Auto Gele: How Auto Gele can Change Your Owanbe Style

Traditional wedding attires

You need to think about the type of beads you will be rocking on that day. Do you like it big or small?

In summary, you can read more about Traditional wedding attires, ask your friends for their opinions or consult a specialist to guide you through.






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